My life's journey has included many valleys and many uphill battles. At some point I decided I can help others get through their challenges more gently by teaching and sharing what I have learned along the way. I offer private consulting for personal and spiritual transformation. When you get yourself balanced and connected you can move mountains! 


​​​​Welcome!  I have been waiting for you!

I don't believe in co-incidences. The fact that you are reading these

words tells me you are ready to take in new information, are open

to learning, growing, changing and healing. You are in the right

place, at the right time with the right kindred spirit. More than 100

MILLION websites out there and  you are here with me! It is my belief

that you wouldn't be here at this moment if you were not ready for your

own personal transformation and growth.

You are here because you were led here by the Divine.

It is part of the Divine Plan.


Are you a spiritual seeker?  Do you want to be ?  Welcome HOME!

It all starts with choosing to

believe that you are a Divine

Child of the Most High, Source

of All!  Sometimes this Source

of Energy is named God,

Goddess, Mother Nature,

Father Time, Jesus,


Mohammed, Higher Power,

Holy Spirit, the Universe,

I AM, G-d, etc. The SOURCE is

the same only the name and

the beliefs change.

How you choose to relate

to the Energy is what

matters! Love! Love!