Fund My Mortgage

FUNDMYHOME.ORG has a free service that will help folks buy a home. There is a process to go thru to be able to get pre-qualified. When they get pre-qualified FMH will offer a free grant for up to $48,000 as the down payment and or closing costs fees.

My friend, Carlos Burrati, has made billions of dollars in real estate in Florida. His legacy is to help folks buy their own homes rather than renting. He has a non profit that he has major corporations donate to and uses the funds to help others. Ww are open in all 50 states.  Anyone who has credit from score 580 up can qualify if they have their documents ready (tax records, credit reports) 


What can I do to assist you to quality for this program?

1. I handle the grant proposals for folks to see if they can qualify or not for a home and 2. I lead a team of people who want to do what I do and get paid for it. For a total of $98 they can begin the process to get trained to do what I do. It is $49 down and they pull the last $49 out on the sale commissions you make by doing the referral. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A REALTOR OR BROKER to do this work. Actually this could be very good for in for $49 and sign up a bunch of realtors to use this service watch the funds roll in.