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Jan's Story

 Meet  Janice M. Mann


GREETINGS!  I am Janice Mann.
I want to personally welcome you to my website!
I am a spiritual being having a human experience. It takes an incredible amount of inner work to get to the realization of this truth. I have created many wonderful things; written books that are best sellers that have helped many people, led seminars and workshops held in small towns and huge cities; private consulting with folks from all over the world; and an incredible desire to make it easier for those I meet on my path on this journey called life. My early years didn’t seem to be preparing me to be successful. 
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Here is a fact to pay attention to: there are some truths that have to be shared. In my life I have been confronted with  spiritual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, low self-esteem, self-loathing, fear, weight issues, physical pain, psychological manipulation, despair, active and chronic addiction, self-sabotage, codependency, parental abandonment,-emotional abandonment, religious guilt, religious fear based manipulation, growing up in a broken home, alcohol abuse, hurting so bad I just wanted to die so I’d attempt to find the highest high for the longest time, walking on egg shells in my home when my father was around;  the depth of the pain of shame, had to watch people I love dearly struggle with addiction and / or mental illness and lose, tremendous guilt, feeling totally not seen nor heard, panic attacks, an overwhelming since of hopelessness, anxiety attacks, night terrors, feeling isolated, behavioral acting out, raging,  recurring night mares of abuse, not feeling like I was in my body (disassociation from trauma), emotional insecurity, feeling like I was worthless, moments of drug induced psychosis, bite my nails until they bled from self mutilating behaviors, deep intensely wounding grief, internalized homophobia, paranoia, mood swings, triggers; suicide attempts, having my tender heart broken in a number of unhealthy relationships, feeling less than, knowing the difference in what it was like to feel stable and loved in my family unit to having that unit explode all around me, and, last but certainly not least, my father attempted to murder me and my family when I was ten years old.  
Oh! Forgot to mention I was a lesbian who didn’t know what a lesbian was in an Appalachian mountain town before the internet era circa 1972. Talk about isolation! I remember with such relief when I found the term Homosexual in the World Book. I couldn’t be the only one if they were writing about it in the World Book! How I loved Doris Day! 
So there it is in all it’s reality! But here is the good news--- I learned how to get through it, heal myself, and live my life with peace now. If I can do can do it! You must want to heal more than anything else for you to motivate yourself to make the changes and do your emotional-spiritual work. 
Can you relate to any of that history written above?  If you can you are in the right place, at the right time, with the right person! There are no coincidences in this universe. The synchronicity of the Universe has you here for reasons only It knows. You can guess and feel the vibes. You have found a home in the warmth of love!  
My tag line is Live from your Heart. Transform your mind!
I have worked with our humanity in the mental health services area for over forty years. I began working as a small town community mental health worker. I moved up in the hierarchy in that system until there was no place else to grow unless the Director quit or died. Over the years I became certified in every area of Mental Health Services. I was the ON Call Emergency Worker for many years.
I left there and moved up to working as a Govenor’s Appointed Advocate for West Virginia’s citizens that had Developmental Disabilities and or Mental Illness for then Governor Gaston Caperton. I became a specialist in Educational Advocacy for children with disabling conditions.  
I left the Govenor’s Office to go into private practice consulting with individuals and families on a variety of systemic issues that we face when dealing with challenging situations. Think challenges with social security disability, community mental health services, educational advocacy participation in IEP’s that were written truly for the child’s needs, counseling and rehab, substance abuse recovery, in patient hospitalization, emergency services hospitalization, out patient service delivery. children’s art therapy, behavioral plan creation and specializing in helping folks who have been the victim of trauma. 
I knew from my personal experience with counseling for myself that there was so much more I needed to do to help me heal the wounds I carried deep inside. I searched out all different kinds of psycho-therapists. I did the powerful inside work that it took to help me begin to feel whole. It was like opening an onion up...I would get through a layer of pain only to find an even deeper wound underneath festering. I just keep at it. I had to. It was my life. I wanted to be happy. 
I did energy work with some amazing healers along my journey. Then I found massage therapy. I was able to discern that body work is critical to healing. Our body holds all the toxic cells and emotional pain inside our body in muscle tissue, cells and organs.  I learned all I could on this topic and added it to my offerings. Quantum physics called my name. I was taught how photons can change our cell structure. Since we are energetic beings it made absolute sense to add these skills sets into my practice. 
I began writing books in 2012. I saw a need for getting information out to the masses rather than just my private practice. My first book, Transforming Fear and Anxiety Into Power, was very successful. Grief Matters followed touching the lives of so many wounded people. Before long I had over a dozen books written in three languages (English, French, and Spanish) selling in over ten countries! That is when I knew I was called to reach lots of folks.  My choices to offer healing work continued to be blessed. 
Word of mouth is the best advertising. Over the years, folks have been consistently scheduling private sessions with me to help on a myriad of topics. I work intimately with clients. We create a healthy positive bond of trust. Without trust, there is no healing relationship.  
Here is just an example of the kind of issues I help people to work through:
  • Abuse and Trauma Recovery 
  • Grief and Loss for Adults 
  • Relationships – creating them and leaving them 
  • Anxiety and Depression 
  • Addiction Recovery 
  • Divorce Recovery 
  • Children who are Struggling with Grief/Loss 
  • Mediation and Problem Solving 
  • Personal Transformation 
  • Personal Empowerment 
  • Spiritual Transformation 
  • Burnout of Service Providers (Ministers, Teachers, Social Workers, Doctors  etc) 
  • Bodywork and Energetic Healing 
  • Nutritional Supplementation 
  • Behavioral Plans that are Effective 
  • How to help children diagnosed with ADHD and their Parents 
  • Increasing Self Worth and Creating Empowerment 
This is just a few of the challenges we as Humanity deal with or don’t deal with daily. 
I provide a variety of options to create a healing plan with you and for you. I come from a Body-Mind-Spirit consciousness mindset. I can guarantee you this... Once you start feeling more whole and more self love you will want to keep healing and growing. It is very exciting! 
I offer packages of sessions so that you can purchase in bulk to save some money. I do not take insurance. The time that it takes to do all that paperwork is better spent helping people heal themselves. It is an investment in the quality of your life and the lives of your loved ones. You can purchase just one session. However, healing takes time. It is a process. You need to give yourself the time and healing you deserve. Having an expertly trained and experienced professional available to you is an incredible blessing!  
Juice Plus has been an integral part of my physical and emotional healing over the years. We all need to feed ourselves right. Most of us don't due to schedules and rushing from place to place. Current research indicates that we eat between 7-17 fresh fruit and veggie servings each day and more if we are in recovery from addiction, going through crises, or have a disabling condition (including the disease's like diabetes, heart disease PTSD, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, lupus, MS and more) and /or incredibly stressed These products are amazing! PURE WHOLE FOOD guaranteed to feed your body what it needs. Priced reasonably as well. It is priceless!
I work person to person with folks and/or online person to person. The personal touch is important in creating a safe space and a sacred space for each person. Feeling safe is critical to creating a healing relationship dynamic. 
You are now at the point that this internal work is either exhilarating or anxiety-producing or both! That is the perfect place to begin making a conscious choice to allow your personal growth. It all begins with a choice, a decision, to consider the possibility that you may have within you the desire to feel better, to heal, to let go of the pain, the shame and the guilt, you have been carrying for years. Your body is paying a great price for holding all the toxic emotional pain you feel. The possibility exists that you could have a more joyful life! What are you waiting for? Get on my schedule! Sending you love and light!
  • Associates in Psychology, AS, Palm Beach Junior College, Boca Raton, FL, 1982
  • Bachelor of Science, BS,  Psychology Minor in Theology, Davis and Elkins College, Elkins, WV, 1986
  • Certificate of Women's Studies , West Virginia University, 1985
  • Bachelor in Metaphysics, BMSC, University of Sedona, 2020
  • Master in Metaphysics, MMSC University of Sedona, 2022
  • Doctor of Divinity, University of Sedona, Pending Dissertation                                
  • Doctor of Metaphysical Psychology MpsyD, University of Sedona, Pending Dissertation.
Community Mental Health Specialist in the following areas:
  • Early Intervention
  • Grief and Loss
  • Substance Abuse
  • Mental Illness
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Severely Emotionally Abused Individuals
  • Behaviorally Challenged Children and Teens
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, 1986
  • Who's Who in American Massage Therapists, 2008
  • Who's Who in American Women Entrepreneurs, 2016
  • Diva Achieva ,  Resort Beaches Women In Business,  2005 
  • Business Woman of the Year, Resort Beaches Women in Business, 2005
  • Licensed Massage Therapist LMT, Pittsburgh School of  Massage Therapy, 2001 
  • Graduate of Advanced Courses for Massage Therapy, PSMT, 2001-2002
  • Certified Energetics Practitioner, Pittsburg, PA, 2001
  • Reiki I, Pittsburgh, PA, 2001
  • Reiki II, Pittsburgh, PA, 2001
  • Reiki III, Rehoboth Beach, DE, 2002
  • Reiki Master Teacher, Rehoboth Beach, DE, 2004
  • Kolamani Energy Work, St. Petersburg, FL  2005
  • Kolamani Energy Work II S. Petersburg, FL,  2005
  • Kolamani Master Teacher, St. Petersburg Beach, FL,  2006
  • Empath, 1958
  • Intuitive, 1958 
  • Channeler, 2000
  • Member National Association of Spiritual Enlightenment Leaders, 2022
Board of Directors
         Florida Gay Civil Rights Task Force, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 1981
         UFMCC Church Fort Lauderdale, FL 1982-84
  • West Virginia  Head Injury Foundation, 1985 
  • West  Virginia Domestic Violence Coalition,  1986 Randolph/Tucker/Barbour/Webster Counties
  • West Virginia Youth Soccer Board for Tucker County, 1986-88
  • Gulfport, Florida Arts District,  1989
  • Founder, West Virginia LGBT Organization and First LGBT Rights Conference, 1986, West Virginia University
  • Governor's Choice - West Virginia  Advocate for Persons with Disabling Conditions Under the Honorable Gaston Caperton, Governor ,1987-89
  • CEO/Founder Janice Mann Worldwide, 2008
  • CEO/Founder Divine Timing Inc. 2012
  • CEO/Founder, Mitzie's Kitchen Gourmet Pantry 2018
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