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Store Policy

Customer Care

Our customers mean the world to us! We have a high rate of return customers and customers on monthly shipment programs. We provide excellent customer service. We work hard to ensure that you get what you ordered quickly and efficiently. 

Privacy & Safety

Mitzie's Kitchen  stores and protects your personal information. We use third-party banking to verify payment and collect data  confidentially. 


Your user’s privacy is of the highest importance to your business, so take the time to write an accurate and detailed policy. Use straightforward language to gain their trust and make sure they keep coming back to your site!

Wholesale Inquiries

Wholesale Inquiries are welcomed! We have a registration process that includes your contact info and your Federal ID Number. An updated creditor debit card will need to be on file in our offices. Minimum order in only $100. We ship almost anywhere!

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards


Money Orders

Cashier's Checks

Certified Funds


 Offline Payments

Payment Methods
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