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$10,000.00 - $25,000 Addiction Recovery Package

$10,000.00 - $25,000 Addiction Recovery Package


Intake, Assessment, Family History, Drug/Alcohol Usage History,  Nutritional Assessment and supplements as suggested; Active Addiction Usage Information,  Depression Assessment,  History of Abuse Questionaire for Physical, Sexual, Emotional Abuse, Trauma Evaluation, Individaul Sessions, Family Sessions, 12 Step Meetings,  collaboration with an addiction recovery in patient program for acceptance into a 28 minimum in patient program, travel with client to the addiction treatment facility for admission with an additional staff member for security to get client to the admissions department of the facility. Collaboration and follow up with the treatment faciility on progress, travel back with client and staff to placement at home or in further inpatient facility if needed; follow up services as needed and  identified Wrap a round services with the client during crises period up to 500 hours. Family sessions with and without client for processing the  family dynamics involved.

Costs for inpatient treatment are on the client and or the family if the client is a minor. Some insurance policies will pay for in patient treatment. Others will take your cash or charge card. Some , not many, will take payments. Cost of getting your loved one back clean and sober and heading for healthy PRICELESS.

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