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$1500 Energetic Healing  by Remote Distance Package

$1500 Energetic Healing by Remote Distance Package


Ten  one hour sessions of long distance energetic healing. Client will be asked to lay down in a comfortable and safe space and allow the energy to travel to and thru them.

  • Private Consulting Package Info

    Private Consulting Packages have a no refund policy because you are purchasing time in bulk. If a person chose a package and then became triggered they would either quit and stop their personal growth or they would discuss it with Janice Mann so she could work with them to move thru the process. In transformative work a client is likely to get triggered on an emotional level. In addition, there is no cash value to be reimbursed because when a person has an addiction they will sell anything they can get their hands on to buy more of whatever they are addicted to. This policy stops the addict from even attempting to go down that road. There is also a no cancellation policy via credit card policy in place for the reasons.Finally, this policy is put in place after years of experience have shown that those who want to do the work will do the work. 

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