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$5000 Depression Recovery Package

$5000 Depression Recovery Package


Depression Support Services include individual session either face to face or by remote on the web. An intake is compleed along with the first session. The first session is usually two hours long if the client can handle it. There are 50 one hour sessions total or the equivalent. Depression doesn't show up over night and will not go away magically. It takes a whole person concept of body, mind and spirit to help someone dig out of athe black hole called depression. Nutritional supplemental is recommended. Collaboration with the client's psychiatrist and or physician is recommended. If in patient treatement is needed we will reserch the best facilities to match up with the clients's needs and provide that information to the client or the family if the client is a minor. We will collaborate with the facility and follow up with the client after hospitalization. Depression is a heartache to live with in every way onecan imagine.

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