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Custom Grief Work Package

Custom Grief Work Package


Grief Work Up to 100 one hour sessions or the equivalent. Sessions may be less than an hour or more than an hour. Services include, but, are not limited to, one on one sessions face to face or remotely on the web; emergency services as neeeded, collaboration with other individauls with your permission ( examples would be family members who you feel need included in your work, medical doctors and staff as needed. psychiatrist as needed, ministerial staff as needed, support systems in the community as requested by client etc.This type of customized services are ususally for someone who is dealing with COMPLICATED GRIEF.  t isdescribed, in part ,as a grief process where two or more major losses have occured in a short period of time, 


No cash value, No refunds. No charge back cancellations.

Services must be used within onr year of teh date of purchase.