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Daily Affirmations for Spiritual Transformation for Cancer Warriors

Daily Affirmations for Spiritual Transformation for Cancer Warriors


ARE YOU A CANCER WARRIOR? Do you want to be? This book is a powerhouse of positive living written in a daily format with a topic, affirmation and a quote for the day. This book is written in the mindset that we can beat cancer by changing our thinking into a positive mentality and not a fear based mentality. By creating a Spiritual Transformation (not Religious) of our thoughts and feelings we can empower ourselves into a Cancer Warrior mindset The Cancer Warrior mindset is powerful and transformative. We are energetic beings. When our energy is vibrating a a higher level of consciousness our healing has the opportunity for a significant gain against cancer. We must heal ourselves! Learning to think from an Abundance Mentality and not a Poverty Mentality is a complete change in thinking. Creating your personal Spiritual Transformation can be fun and exciting! Cancer is a disease that can be beaten! But to beat cancer one must change their thinking and some of their habits. It is a wake up call to stay alive and be happy! The Cancer Victim mentality will not heal you. The Cancer Survivor or Cancer Warrior mentality may give you the proverbial edge to beat cancer. Truth is we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience not the other way around. To beat Cancer we must tap into Source Energy/ God/our Higher Power/ The Universe. This book teaches us how to change our attitude from fear to an attitude of faith, forgiveness and gratitude! The more you come from a place of love the better you can shift your energies. Get rid of toxic beliefs that have held you hostage to your healing potential. How can you possibly heal if you are carrying resentments, hatred, and fear? You cannot! To become a CANCER WARRIOR you must tap the Source of All Good to heal. It is within you. You can do it! CANCER WARRIORS ARE THOSE DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER WHO CHOOSE TO TAKE CANCER ON WITH THE BELIEF THAT THEY CAN BE CANCER FREE. CANCER WARRIORS are medical staff, family and friends. CANCER WARRIORS are clergy and front line responders. Heal yourself and you heal your world!

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