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Daily Hope For Healing Depression: Hold On Pain Ends

Daily Hope For Healing Depression: Hold On Pain Ends


Daily Hope for Healing Depression offers the reader another opportunity to transform their thinking and see differently. This is a daily guide to transforming the reader's thinking. Each day has a daily affirmation to encourage and educate the reader; a quote from a spiritual leader from the United States, Israel, Palestine, India, China and Tibet; and a topic for thought for the day. The intention is to teach the reader to release the toxic, negative energies and vibrations held in the body and to add a higher vibration of healing energy n it's place. Some of the positive energies are self love, love, self forgiveness, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, awareness, conscious contact with Source Energy, patience, intention, letting go and letting God, acceptance, surrender etc. People vibrating at a higher level of consciousness will provide an opportunity to heal themselves.

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