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Grief Matters: A Primer

Grief Matters: A Primer


This book is an easy to read and information filled book on grief.This powerful book shares information on defining grief, understanding the symptoms of grief, how to cope with grief, coping with the death of your child, suicide, losing your pet, complicated grief and terminally ill loved ones. Resources include an Essential Oils Directory to use for when you are grieving; an article on the concept of grief from Buddhism that make us think about how we see grief; selected Scriptures from the Bible on Grief; and information on the Seven Chakras and how grief over through your body.

We are not taught about grief in the United States. It on the job life training when it happens. Then we think we are losing our mind. This book is a gift to the reader. It will help you understand what you are going through and how to cope better!.


This is a terrific read! Full of important to know information on how to cope with the emotions and physical, mental and spiritual symptoms of grief!