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HOPE = Hold On, Pain Ends

Hope can be defined as the thought that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out in our highest and greatest good. It is a thought process that indicates to us that everything is going to be alright.Hope is one of the constructs of our thinking that enables us to find the positive view in any given circumstance. Keeping hope alive is an important cause in our lives so that we can move forward even in our darkest hour knowing that the light will come again. Hope is necessary to shift your thinking from Stinking Thinking to Gratitude. Changing your thinking takes discipline. It takes a choice to look for the good in every situation. How else do you move forward in life without hope? Desperation can come to your thinking without hope. You must have an awareness that Something Bigger Than You is in Control. The Source of All offers you the ability to use hope to learn peace, serenity and faith. I have seen miracles happen before my eyes to folks who stayed in a consciousness of hope! Keep Hope Alive!

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