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In Christianity, the Apostle Paul said that " faith without works is dead".

Faith is an ability to hold one's belief on a specific level of energetic consciousness so that what we see in our minds eye can be made manifest. Another way to understand the term "your mind's eye"would be to hold a vision or visualization about a specific concept until it emerges from the Universe for you.

In Christianity, the Apostle Paul said that " faith without works is dead". Energetically speaking this is absolutely truth. You must make a conscious effort (works) to hold a thought to a point where it can be created. Some people hold a thought by meditation on that thought. Others use various forms of chanting and drumming. Still other use different forms of prayer. Some folks burn incense and churn singing bowls. The Native Americans and other tribes would create exquisite dances to bring rain. This was part of their "works" with faith. Celebration came when the rain appeared. This is a great example of faith. 

Faith has also been defined as "seeing the unseen before it is seen". Visualizing the positive that you want to create in your life and in the lives of others is critical to creating it in real time. Without faith, you may be apathetic, depressed, sad, frustrated or any of a littany of feelings and emotions based on your thoughts. I find great comfort in the belief that the Universe s conspiring in our behalf. I teach this. I live this. 

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